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  • Weekly Detailed Skills Training Sessions

  • Small Group Sessions (6 Players Max)

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Training Programs Designed for Long-Term Growth

Detailed Skill Instruction

Improve your basketball skills with our detailed instructions! Our expert coaches will break down every aspect of the game, from shooting and dribbling to defense and team play, giving you the tools to take your game to the next level.

Competitive Drills

Ready to take your skills to the court? Our competitive drills will challenge you to work harder, move faster, and think quicker. With a focus on game-like scenarios and intense competition, these drills will help you develop the skills you need to domina

Small Group Session

Get personalized attention and support with our small group sessions! Work closely with our coaches and other players in a small, focused setting, where you'll get individualized feedback and coaching tailored to your specific needs. You'll get the attent

Training App

Stay connected and train anytime, anywhere with our training app, offering drills, skill challenges, and messaging for optimal basketball development.

What We Offer

Training Memberships




+ 1 Detailed Skills Session Per Week (4 Sessions / Month)

+ 6 Athletes Max Per Session

+ Access to 24/7 Coaching Via Training App

+ Speed, Agility, and Explosiveness Training




+ 2 Detailed Skills Session Per Week (4 Sessions / Month)

+ 6 Athletes Max Per Session

+ Access to 24/7 Coaching Via Training App

+ Speed, Agility, and Explosiveness Training


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Founder & Head Trainer Joshua Mercado

I am a student of the game. Been around the game playing and coaching for over 20 years.

  • Played high school ball as a point guard.

  • Coached junior high boys and girls teams for 3 years.

  • Coached high school varsity For 2 years.

  • Made playoffs 4 of 5 years as a coach.

  • Strength and conditioning consultant for AZ Strike AAU & Cactus High School

  • Have partnered with Trinity Athletics and Great Training

  • Basketball Skills and Performance training for over 4 years

Empowering Players to Enhance Skills and Achieve Goals

Prime by Design was started to help students expand their knowledge and skills in regard to the game of basketball. The idea came after a tough loss in the high school season playoff. The coaching staff and myself knew that we had a great team with lots of potential but we needed a way to continue our momentum even though our season was over.

We decided to create a training program that would allow us to continue working with our kids year-round. Fast forward 4 years, and our goals have changed. We now serve kids from across the Phoenix metropolitan area. Our goals have evolved into using basketball as a tool to keep students focused on school and college.

We realized that basketball was a tool that could be used to teach students the skills of discipline and grit. These two skills are what we determined would catapult these youth to new experiences outside of their comfort zones. We now focus on building relationships and having conversations about long-term goals that go beyond a basketball season and can help develop better humans and communities.

What Our Clients Say

Before each coaching session, Coach Josh reaches out to the players to find out what skill they want/need to work on for the week and then incorporates that skill into drills he already has. Each week, Coach Josh continues to build on the skills from the


Parent of Athlete

Josh is very knowledgeable, relatable and fun to work with. He worked with my son to get him ready for high school basketball tryouts. Over the few months they worked together I saw a big improvement in my sons strength, endurance, agility and skills.


Parent of Athlete

Josh is great!. He helped my son improve his skills and bounce back from an injury. He is attentive, learns what areas need improvement, and provides focused instruction to help drive improvement. I would recommend Josh to any parent/player


Parent of Athlete

My daughter Eliyah started training with Josh about a year ago and we couldn’t be more pleased with the improvement and progress that she has made. Having her train with Josh is one of the best decisions we’ve made to get her to where she’s at now.


Parent of Athlete


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